Another Quilted Blanket

I finished up another blanket over the weekend.



The pattern seems to get edited with each new blanket I make, and I think, finally, finally, I’m happy with it.


It’s all made from cotton. I do have some material that would imitate what’s used for real horse blankets, (polyester? I’m not sure) but I’m not brave enough to try working with it yet!


I added some little details to this one, like D rings (what are those used for??) and a fake brand logo I threw together in Photoshop.


My reference had a single strap underneath the belly so I was able to get away with using handmade buckles and hardware instead of the fancier etched ones.


It came together really easily though, and I’ve been daydreaming about making others in different color combinations.🙂


A Black Beauty

This post is long overdue… but I am trying to catch up.🙂 Here is a sweet custom SM who arrived a couple months back.



She was painted by Cindy Evans of Knight’s Tale Studio, as a prize for a banner contest held a few years ago.


I love, love, love Cindy’s custom work and am so grateful to have a piece by her in my collection!



My photos don’t show it well, but she has nice brown undertones and beautifully painted eyes.


Cindy also surprised me with an extra in the package… a medallion sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis:


Thanks again Cindy!😀


Last week I tackled the next batch of nerdy English saddle pads.


These two are Middle-Earth inspired… Rohan and Gondor, to be exact. My grandma spoiled me with the extended collection of The Hobbit for my birthday, so my parents and I watched those and immediately had to continue on by re-watching the Lord of the Rings films. I’ve been stuck in Middle Earth for the past couple of weeks… yet again.😄

(and I don’t care what critics say I totally loved the Hobbit!)


I mentioned on my Facebook page that these were easier imagined than done. Originally I wanted to embroider them. Once I realized how complex the designs were and how difficult it would be to scale them down, I decided to try painting them instead.


The end result is far from perfect, and I know I made the white tree too short but hey.


My equine drawing/painting skills are rusty so I’m glad that the horse actually looks like a horse:


And I did try to add the yellowish/gold bits to it but it hardly shows up in my photos:


I’m happy with them though.🙂