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A while back I picked up these minis from Joann’s:

I think they’re meant for fairy gardens. I’m not a fairy garden sort of person but I do love how craft stores like Joann’s and Michaels have an assortment of miniatures for them. The scale is all over the place of course, and they’re kind of pricey, so I usually go through them whenever they’re on sale or clearance.

The crows looked like good repaint fodder, and they really needed it. One couldn’t stand on his own either, but that was an easy fix with some sanding.

They’re looking better without the silly yellow eyes now.

In the 1:9 world they’re too big to be crows, so they’re pretending to be ravens instead.

I prefer ravens to crows anyway. 😉


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Black Cat

Last month I started working on another cat sculpture. It started off as a foil and wire creature…


… and was slowly built up into something that resembled a cat.


Here she is next to my first sculpted cat:


I had every intention of flocking or hairing her, but that attempt didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to. (I don’t have photo evidence of this – maybe that’s a good thing!) So today, I added another thin layer of clay and sculpted in the hair detail instead. Much better!



I’m especially happy with how her eyes turned out, even if they are a bit too big.






Even though some things are off, I still think she turned out ok. 🙂

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I painted a dog.

I’ve got a thing for corgis. It’s silly, really, but I think they’re adorable. It’s no surprise that Breyer’s corgi recently made it into my collection. But, I bought a body… with the intent of repainting it…

I’m no customizer! What was I thinking?!

Surprisingly, he turned out cute.




WelshCorgi5Far from “perfect,” but cute.

WelshCorgi1And that’s good enough for now. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to try painting a horse.



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