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Besides a bunch of ribbon halters…

… and random pieces from Rio Rondo kits:

… there are a few more pieces of old tack that I forgot about until I started organizing it all. The most interesting are a couple of racing saddles.

The first, materials aside, isn’t too awful. It did have stirrups at one point, but they were probably used for another saddle later on. I still have the leathers but there was no way I was going to try and re-attach them. XD

It originally had a green felt pad instead of the hot pink, and a simple snaffle bridle that’s disappeared.

There was a second, made from a thinner suede-like material. I never finished it, but THAT’S no surprise!

Next is the first (and only!) Classic scale western bridle I’ve made. Bouncer can almost fit in it… from this side, anyway, shh! 😉

My first blankets were made for my Classics, cut from green felt. It was years and years before I made one for my Traditionals, but I did make a couple fly sheets. I think I was excited to use the material I had found, and they were probably based off of this one by Breyer.

Sheza Good Sport got one in purple:

And Like a Diamond got a green, complete with leg straps:

Both are kind of falling apart but I can’t get rid of either of them! 😀


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Jasper’s Turnout

Continuing with the “blanket all the horses!” mood I’ve been in, here’s the most recent one, made to fit my Copperfox ISH:

This was inspired by a full-size horse blanket (by John Whitaker, I believe) and I knew that I needed to make it for one of my CF horses.

It was also another gusset experiment, on a thicker blanket this time. The gussets themselves were made from an image of the Union Jack that I edited, resized and had printed on fabric for miniature work. I should have made it a bit narrower but I still think it looks ok.

I also decided to add tongue buckles to the front straps, which makes taking it on and off a bit more fiddly but hey, it’s the little details, right?

I’m really happy with how it turned out!


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Here’s another in-between-orders project I wrapped up today:

This one was specifically made for my Namid model on the Forever Saige mold. (aka “Stardust”)

It was also a test to see if I could make the gussets again.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I’ll look back on something I’ve made and wonder how the heck I made it. o_O I guess I need to start taking notes or something WHO KNOWS.

But I did manage to re-create the gussets like last time, so I’m happy about that.

It suits her, I think!

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