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Over the years I’ve managed to collect quite a few Breyer blankets:

I’ve modified many of them, mostly by taking off tags and removing velcro closures so I can replace them with ribbon straps. I feel kind of guilty doing that… but anyway.

My favorites are the Rambo and Weatherbeeta blankets.

When I learned about the existence of a green Weatherbeeta I knew I had to track it down. It’s been, um, years since I decided that, and I was never ever in the right place at the right time. But last week was THE week! FINALLY.

It’s the Weatherbeeta! It’s green! It… has a lot of problems!

But I got it for 4 bucks, and I knew I could fix it so yay. ^_^

Whoever previously owned it chopped off the belly and tail straps, my guess would be for the hardware. It was also missing it’s logo and it’s satin-ish lining is snagged in a few places.

I like fixing things (I do it for a living, haha) so I’ve had fun with it this week. The first thing to go was the leftover straps. Luckily they were sewn through both layers of material, so I could easily take out the stitches with a seam ripper.

I don’t have any spare hardware from another Breyer blanket, so I used etched hardware instead. Rio Rondo (on the right) was a closer match than the hardware from Solstice Sky Studio, but it is a bit smaller.

I also noticed that there are lines drawn on the blanket, I’m assuming to help with assembly at the factory. It made positioning the new straps a lot easier anyway!

Shiny new straps sewn in place:

The last step was to make a copy of the logo and print it out in the right size. I covered it with a piece of packing tape to give it a glossy look. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.


I am so happy. I suppose it’s silly to get so giddy over a blanket, but I’m glad to have it anyway. 🙂

Supposedly there is a third variation (blue and grey?) out there somewhere, but I’m happy with these two for now.

Also, Breyer, if you’re listening, this blanket would look great in purple or red! 😉

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New year, new blankets

I hope 2017 is off to a good start for everyone. I’ve challenged myself to participate in the 365 Project this year, so I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, which is never a bad thing!

I’ve also completed two new horse blankets. First was one for the giveaway prize – the winner loved the blue/green combination and wanted it to fit the Stone Arabian.

I never realized just how flat his back was until trying to fit a blanket to him, haha! But I think it came out fitting well.


The second is yet another quilted blanket, in bright blue and red.


This one will be available as a sales piece sometime in the future. I have a black/hot pink one in the works and really want to use some plaids I have on hand… so there will be others, hopefully, as well!

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Pharoah’s Blanket, V.2

Oh my word it’s nearly December already! My town is already decked out for Christmas and I’ve been playing Christmas music for uh… a few weeks now. (at the speed time goes by, I say enjoy it while you can!)

November’s flown by, and good riddance, I think. It’s been a bad month BUT, thankfully, has had some bright spots.

Several weeks back I was contacted by Zayat Stables to make a second Triple Crown blanket for their display model of American Pharoah. I still get all excited just thinking about it!


Rags to Riches is pretending to be Pharoah, since I’ve yet to get my hands on one 😀

It’s nearly identical to the first version, but with slightly different colors and a better fit to the Ruffian mold.



A picture of it was shared on American Pharoah’s Facebook page, which still makes me all giddy and happy, haha. I didn’t realize that their model was the Classic sized horse so the blanket is a bit too big, but they still made it work and were pleased with it so that’s good!


I am so, so grateful. ❤

Because I’ve had several inquiries about it, at the moment, no, I’m not making them for sale because of potential copyright issues. However if this should change in the future I will be posting an update here on the blog. 🙂

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