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My collection of Copperfox horses has grown! This is Jasper, one of their newest releases on the Irish Sport Horse mold:

I pre-ordered him back in December and am so glad I did. I’ve been waiting for a color I really liked to come out on this mold.

I have his back hoof propped up with a small piece cut from a hot glue stick. Until I find something better, this will work ok for photos. 🙂 I think the mold looks so much better with that back hoof up. With it, his other two hooves are more flat on the ground. It makes me wonder if he was originally intended to have a peg?

He has dapples, but they are very, very subtle. I have to hold him at an angle to be able to see them, but I’m ok with that, I was hoping he wouldn’t be too dapple-y. 😀 His color is also very nice!

Personally I really like the hand-painted look of white markings/hooves/etc on Copperfox models. It’s very different compared to the rest of my OF collection.

Overall I’m really happy with him. I’m glad to have one of the ISH models join the herd at last! (just waiting on the new shire now!! ❤ )


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Copperfox Trifle

Another Copperfox model made her way to the herd a while back, but it’s taken me ages to get proper photos taken. This is Trifle, the Exmoor pony.


She is really nice in person, and I especially love her mealy nose.



The sculpt reminds me of a pregnant or nursing mare, so I hope we’ll get a Exmoor foal to go with her eventually. That would be perfect!!




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In-Hand Bridle

Not too long ago I finished up a bridle to fit the CF Welsh Cob:


I made this one with a tutorial in mind, so I tried to keep it somewhat simple. I’d love to try a more detailed one in the future!


I’m especially happy with the clincher browband:




A tutorial on how to make one will be found in the first issue of “Utterly Horses,” a bi-monthly eMagazine from Copperfox Horses. More information on that can be found here. 😀

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