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A while back I picked up these minis from Joann’s:

I think they’re meant for fairy gardens. I’m not a fairy garden sort of person but I do love how craft stores like Joann’s and Michaels have an assortment of miniatures for them. The scale is all over the place of course, and they’re kind of pricey, so I usually go through them whenever they’re on sale or clearance.

The crows looked like good repaint fodder, and they really needed it. One couldn’t stand on his own either, but that was an easy fix with some sanding.

They’re looking better without the silly yellow eyes now.

In the 1:9 world they’re too big to be crows, so they’re pretending to be ravens instead.

I prefer ravens to crows anyway. 😉


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A Black Beauty

This post is long overdue… but I am trying to catch up. 🙂 Here is a sweet custom SM who arrived a couple months back.



She was painted by Cindy Evans of Knight’s Tale Studio, as a prize for a banner contest held a few years ago.


I love, love, love Cindy’s custom work and am so grateful to have a piece by her in my collection!



My photos don’t show it well, but she has nice brown undertones and beautifully painted eyes.


Cindy also surprised me with an extra in the package… a medallion sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis:


Thanks again Cindy! 😀


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Shrinking Breyers

I am in the slow process of repainting a bunch of HO Scale horses. I wasn’t satisfied with their original paint jobs, so after sticking them to double-sided tape, I gave them all a blast of primer. That was uh… a couple months ago?


Today, while waiting for some other stuff to dry, I picked up the plate of ponies again and tried to decide how to paint them. My original plan was to choose random horse colors but some of the molds reminded me of OF Breyers.

Sooo a mini Arapaho and Secretariat were born!


My painting skills are not great and these are TINY so please don’t judge too harshly, but I think they came out cute which makes me happy. 😀

Here’s a quarter for scale:


Arapaho was a lot more complicated than I thought would be. Leopard Appaloosa, piece of cake right?! He’s not totally accurate to the full-sized model but shhhh, variations! 😉



With Secretariat I tried to keep that Orange-y color… I still think he’s a bit too bright but we can go with variations again right? Right!


He looked a bit too plain so I added a tiny blanket of roses, like the one that was included with the 25th anniversary horse.


This was made by embroidering dozens of french knots on a piece of green fabric.


Here they are compared to the full-sized counterparts: (pictures from the Guide since I don’t own either of the models)



I haven’t decided on who the others will be yet… but that’s a project for another day!

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