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I’m so glad it’s a three day weekend! These past few weeks have felt incredibly long, but at the same time, have flown by. Does that make any sense at all? Why are we already 5 days into September? Why are the leaves already changing color?! Didn’t summer just START?!

I’ve been preoccupied with a bunch of non-hobby stuff that all decided to occur around the same time. None of it’s a big deal, really, but I’m the weird sort of person who worries over things like deadlines, appointments and expenses, so having a bunch all at once got me feeling frazzled and irritable.

I’ve also been very busy with Etsy orders, mostly for english saddle pads.


They’re all off to their new owners as I type this, yay! In-between orders I’ve been messing with my saddle again. As a result my desk has looked a bit chaotic for a few weeks now, which drives me nuts because mess! Clutter! Disorganization arghhh!


This mess extends above, underneath, in front and off to both sides of the desk… I just cut all that out 😉

But I’m forcing myself to NOT clear it up until this saddle is done, to (hopefully) prevent it from having the same fate as my pleasure saddle, which is currently crying on a paper plate in the closet. (“why won’t you finish meeee?!”)

Anyway, tackling the flaps was the next challenge. They were one piece originally, but were way too long so I had to chop them in half.


I suppose this turned out to be a good thing, (but only time will tell) as it made it a lot easier to skive down the edges and reduce bulk. Finding ways to reduce bulk is a definite goal with this saddle.

Once I added the knee rolls, I stitched the two pieces back together, much like you would thread a shoelace onto a shoe.


I tried so hard to make it symmetrical *cries*

I kind of like the end result. Plus, it can fold in half.


The underside isn’t super neat but a lot less embarrassing than my previous saddle:


Around this time I realized that I forgot to add D rings. I was half-tempted to just leave them off. I know I’ll never use them and they’re small and hidden on most of my reference photos, but in the end I couldn’t stand it.


I also added piping to the front, as well as a hidden wire so I can better shape the saddle to the horse’s back.


The stirrup bars were originally a couple jump rings attached to the bottom of the tree…


… but I later decided to scrap that and stick them in the saddle flaps instead, like the D rings. I’ve marked out where I want the first one, but until my hardware order arrives (I don’t want to trust my handmade D rings for the stirrups, haha) this is as far as I can get.

I’m also wishing I had thought of this before adding the piping and wire. >_<


The sweat flaps were made similar to the saddle flaps. (might as well, hey?) I’ve marked out holes that line up with the others, SO, the plan is to stitch them all together somehow.


I really like how it’s coming along though.


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I’ve had a stack of in-progress saddle pads by my desk for a while now.


Like the Potter-themed pads, they’re all going to be fantasy/sci-fi/etc related, because I am a nerd, and apparently need to have dozens of english saddle pads. (I have uh… 1 semi-decent english saddle, haha!)

I had the chance to tackle the first lot, which was inspired by Star Trek.


I used metallic thread to embroider the teeny emblems… that stuff is a pain to work with!


But I’m still happy enough with them. Geordie LaFjord had to try one on, of course:


And here’s one with a saddle:


This particular set isn’t for sale, but I am hoping to make a few batches to list sometime in the future. 🙂

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I love combining my nerdy interests. This set was one of those things I’ve had in mind for the past year or so, but didn’t make happen until now.


If Hogwarts had horses… would they use a Hogwarts-themed pad for their saddles?


Or would each house…









…get their own color?

Ravenclaw was spoiled and got two versions. One is Bronze/Blue like in the books, and the other, Navy/Grey, is from the movies.


If anything this was a good chance for me to work out some final things with sewing English saddle pads. I’ve gotten a lot more confident with sewing them and each one gets a little better.

I had to compare it to where I was at with saddle pads early last year:


Yay progress!!

Also, to answer some questions…

Yes, they will be orderable on Etsy individually or as a full set for a discounted price. Plain English pads will follow as well, made to order like my western pads. They will not be available till June at the earliest – I will post an update on DS Sales and Facebook beforehand though. 🙂


I have ideas for more of course… it’s not like I really need a hundred saddle pads but yeahhh…

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