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I’ve found that there are a lot of miniature artists on YouTube who regularly post DIY videos on their channels. Here’s a list of some of my favorites! I’ve probably mentioned a few on my blog before, but I’ve included them anyway. šŸ™‚

If you have any interest in mini-making, do check them out!


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Miniature JAH

I’ve managed to get that cold I’ve been trying to avoid for months. I hate flu season, agh. šŸ˜›

I haven’t been in the mood for tack/sewing, but I did manage to finish up some printables I had on my PC for a while. These are some of my JAH (Just About Horses) magazines, scanned and miniaturized in Photoshop. I also threw a box catalog and a template for a magazine holder in there as well.



Because I am pickyĀ about mini printables, they all have their back covers included too:


Each one also has aĀ spread for the inside, making them “readable” but not too thick. I put these together by running a glue stickĀ along the fold.


To make the magazine holder, cut around the template and glue to the back of a piece of patterned/colored paper:


Score along the fold lines (I use a metal ruler and the back of an exacto blade to do this) and cut the entire thing out. Remember to cut the tabs on the bottom!


Fold it togetherĀ and glue in place. I did cut one of the tabs off and shortened the longer ones here:




The box catalog was assembled like the magazines, but I glued the white sides of the paper together instead of just at the spine.



I LOVED these things and remember spending ages going through them, making wishlists.


Have fun and enjoy!

Download JAH + Box Catalog Here

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I’m a bit of a Re-Ment addict. Re-Ment is a Japanese miniature/toy brand, which makes really detailed minis in 1:6-ish scale. My Re-Ments have becomeĀ one of those “accidental” collections, andĀ IĀ am planning on writing another post on them later. Today though, it’s about mini cameras.


The rulesĀ I have for Re-Ment collecting is that the piece could be used for my 1:9 scale world, and is something that I can’t or don’t want to create myself. And like so many collection “rules” they kind of went out the window, but anyway…

I’ve actually been looking for a miniature camera for a while now. They do exist in miniature, and there are some really nice 1:6 scale ones out there, but they can be pricey as well as too big.

I did make a tiny version of my Canon Powershot a couple years ago, out of paperboard:


And I have attempted to make a mini DSLR, but my attempts haven’t quite worked out. So, when I saw this mini plastic one in an upcoming Re-Ment set, I started watching my favorite ebay sellers for a chance to snag one.

It came as part of a Gudetama themed set. (Gudetama is a Sanrio character, and yes, he’s an egg… and that’s pretty much all I know)

Gudetama Hot Springs # 1

And, like so many Re-Ment sets, the scale isn’t quite 1:6 which makes it perfect for my 1:9 scale people.


It’s got a nice clear lens but the rest was rather plain, so I gave it some paint details and a new strap. Here’s the end result:



Since I painted it after my full-size camera, I couldn’t resist putting them together for a couple shots:



Here it is compared to a Breyer doll… Yvonne can hold it better but I haven’t made her any clothes yet so…


Goofing off, as usual…




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