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Miniature JAH

I’ve managed to get that cold I’ve been trying to avoid for months. I hate flu season, agh. 😛

I haven’t been in the mood for tack/sewing, but I did manage to finish up some printables I had on my PC for a while. These are some of my JAH (Just About Horses) magazines, scanned and miniaturized in Photoshop. I also threw a box catalog and a template for a magazine holder in there as well.



Because I am picky about mini printables, they all have their back covers included too:


Each one also has a spread for the inside, making them “readable” but not too thick. I put these together by running a glue stick along the fold.


To make the magazine holder, cut around the template and glue to the back of a piece of patterned/colored paper:


Score along the fold lines (I use a metal ruler and the back of an exacto blade to do this) and cut the entire thing out. Remember to cut the tabs on the bottom!


Fold it together and glue in place. I did cut one of the tabs off and shortened the longer ones here:




The box catalog was assembled like the magazines, but I glued the white sides of the paper together instead of just at the spine.



I LOVED these things and remember spending ages going through them, making wishlists.


Have fun and enjoy!

Download JAH + Box Catalog Here

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Last August I started putting together labels for fictional brands of horse shampoo/fly spray/etc. I got distracted and misplaced the file on my pc. I did end up finding it after panicking for a bit – serves me right for saving model horse files outside of the “Model Horse” master folder of chaos.

Anyway, since it’s Spring (nearly Summer!) I figured now would be a good time to get these pieces finished up.


Here’s a PDF file of the labels… some are entirely made up by me while others are obvious imitations of real brands.

I printed these up on plain computer paper – nothing fancy- then went over them with Triple Thick Gloss to give them some shine. I like this gloss for paper printables as it doesn’t smear the ink like some others do.


The bottles themselves I sculpted from polymer clay. Despite my best efforts some still came out a bit lopsided argh!


But after being painted, labelled and glossed, they seemed to turn out all right.



Also included is a bunch of labels for “Unicorn Dust” which is hoof glitter or whatever glitter you’d like it to be. Why am I so attracted to glitter on horses WHYYYY…

I made these from cut pieces of wooden dowels, which I covered with glitter and clear packing tape.


The mini towels I cut from baby washcloths I found at the dollar store. These things are cheap and thin, which makes them great for minis. The pink piece is a scrap of suede.


I also wanted to make some grooming mitts, so I started by tracing around a Yvonne doll’s hand…


And used that as a template to cut mitts out of various materials. First attempt was a rubber glove. Mine has this textured bit on the ends, so I figured I’d use that for one side of a mitt.



It did not want to be turned inside out but I got it to cooperate eventually:


I also made one from this textured fabric I had on hand… it was from a cheap mini tote bag of sorts… I’m thinking it was from a party supply shop or dollar store? Anyway it behaved a lot better than the rubber glove did:


Yay oven grooming mitts!


With some paint:


I also made one from the baby washcloths, and I think this is my favorite.


Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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Mini Breyer Boxes

If you ask any hobbyist whether or not you should keep Breyers in their boxes, you’re likely going to get a “free the ponies!!” sort of response. (there are exceptions, of course 🙂 ) I’m one of the free-the-ponies sorts of people, so I find it amusing that I’ve spent so much time lately boxing up models, instead of freeing them. Mind, these are micro sized horses… because they make perfect miniature Breyers. (and I can’t resist THAT)


There are two sizes – Micro Mini, like Breyer’s mini whinnies, and HO (1:87) scale, a popular scale in model railroads. There are also two different styles for the box’s window… one is modeled after the real Breyer boxes while the other has a simpler shape, which is somewhat easier to cut out.

Please note that these patterns are NOT one-size fits all, especially with tall or wide horses. I may expand the sizes later on, we’ll see. 🙂


Micro Scale / Micro Scale Simplified
HO Scale / HO Scale Simplified

I’m not sure how easy they are to put together at first glance, so I’ve put together some instructions/tips for you all.

You’re going to want to print these on a heavier paper – I used cardstock – instead of regular printer paper. I also recommend cutting out the shape for the window FIRST. I used an exacto blade, then went in with a small pair of scissors to get the curved bits around the horse head.


Before folding in all the tabs, gently score them beforehand to give you nice clean folds. (I used a ruler and the back of my exacto, but you can also use a scissor blade… just be careful not to cut through the paper!) Do the same for the insert piece. (the one pictured has longer tabs on the outside… I’ve corrected this on the printable versions so they won’t show through the plastic windows on the sides)

Also, the patterns have slots and tabs to hold the box together, like the real Breyer boxes. I found these more trouble than they were worth to deal with and chopped them off, but they are there if you wish to mess around with them. 🙂


The plastic I used is a thin plastic that came with the packaging for Breyer’s packing set. It’s thinner than Breyer box plastic, so it works nicely in this scale. Keep an eye out for packaging you’re likely to toss out: food containers, bath/cosmetic packaging, toys, other products, etc.


To transfer the pattern to the plastic, I taped both pieces down to my cutting mat, and used my exacto to etch the lines into the plastic. You could also draw these lines… I chose not to so I could avoid smearing any ink.

If you’re using the simplified version, just trace the large center rectangle. 🙂


Once it was cut I scored the tabs with my blade, then gently folded them.


When gluing the plastic to the box, you want to keep the top edge flush with the folds making the top corners. (I marked the folds with purple, just in case that didn’t make any sense, haha)

The bottom edge of the plastic can be glued down here as well.


I went over the edges with a yellow marker beforehand… this is optional, of course 🙂

This is the glue I’m using. It has lots of scary warnings on the back (nausea! confusion! kidney damage! cancer!) but, fumes aside, it works pretty well. I’ve also used Aleene’s tacky glue. Avoid superglue… it tends to spread and “fog” up (can’t think of another way to describe this at the moment) plastic surfaces.


Lastly glue the top plastic tab in place. I like to add a piece of tape here as well, for added strength and to help keep everything in place as the glue dries.


Time to box up the ponies!


On this one, I secured the horse by making small pencil marks around his legs, then poked tiny holes with a needle. I used a bit of thread tied at the back to keep him in place.


I didn’t find it necessary to glue down the plastic tabs on the sides. Once I stuck the insert piece in (you may or may not need to trim this, depending on the thickness of the plastic used) I was able to fold in all the flaps pretty easily. I chose to secure them with small pieces of tape, but you could glue them down if you wish.


Boxing complete!



The HO scale one is assembled the same… it’s just a lot smaller.


Technically micro minis are too big to be 1:9 scale Breyers in 1:9 scale. I’ve found the HO sized horses to be a better fit if you’re picky about stuff like that. (haven’t actually done the math on this to be 100% sure but shhhhhh, guesstimating)


Have fun!


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