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New Props!

When I saw this jump by Hobo Cat Creations listed for sale, I knew I had to have it.


This is the first jump I’ve purchased from another hobbyist, and I’m so glad I did because it’s so cute! I am literally surrounded by pine and birch trees, and while I haven’t seen any moose, they have been spotted around my property so it all just fits. 😀

I’m also such a sucker for western/northwest stuff too. 😉

Anyway, I’m really pleased with this jump.


I love the detail of the poles, and the jump cups are well made and easy to use.


Here it is compared to my Flash model:


Thanks again, Amber! If you’re looking for some nice, affordable jumps or props, check out her work on her website and Facebook page!

Another awesome find was this performance obstacle guide, (POG for short) made by Michelle Masters:


It has measurements for jump heights and distances (for ground poles) on each side. The best part is that it’s all scaled for Traditional models. As someone who is easily confused with all that, this tool will be incredibly helpful! I found it listed on MH$P. 🙂

Now I just need to get my butt in gear and make tack for my horses, ha!

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Mini Brushes

I’ve neglected the grooming kit project for ages, but finally have another few pieces to add to it:


Like the posts I’ve done on the mane brushes and hoof picks, this isn’t quite a tutorial. Also, these things are extremely tedious to make, but I think the end result is worth it.

For the bristles, I used some cheap hair extensions I bought off of ebay.


I used a popsicle stick to sketch out the size, then used an exacto blade and sandpaper to get the shape I wanted.


This is a pin vise – it’s a hand held drill that allows me to drill different sizes of holes, depending on the bit used.


I used this to drill multiple holes in the wood, being careful not to go too deep. A lot of the splintering I was able to sand away later, but I found it hard to avoid.


To add the bristles, I would cut off a length of hair in the amount I wanted, then trim one edge flush.


I added a bit of glue to the end and stuck it inside one of the holes, working from one end to the other.


This really was the most frustrating part. Synthetic hair is quite slippery and the tacky glue I was using didn’t set fast enough. I did end up switching to Fabri-Tac and that worked out a lot better. Fabri-Tac is what I like to call the “cold” hot glue, as it sets fast and is very tacky. (unfortunately it also comes with those annoying glue strings/”cobwebs”) It was definitely a trial and error thing though.

Eventually I got the entire piece covered:


After letting it set for a bit, I trimmed down the bristles. The wood got a coat of varnish and I added a scrap leather strap across the top:


The others were made pretty much the same way, but I did experiment with different shapes and thicknesses of wood. The brown one was made using an old paintbrush instead of the hair. It’s very soft while the others are more stiff. (hey like full-size brushes, woohoo!)



I’d like to experiment with different materials, and I have tons of hair left over so I’m sure I’ll be making more in the future!


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Backdrop Building

During the past month or so I’ve been slowly putting together two backdrops to use for photos. The first of those is an indoor arena, which I had every intention of posting about last week. But after uploading the images to my PC, I noticed an obvious and annoying mistake in almost all of my pictures…

ARGH !@#$ bit!

I wanted to cry because I had taken everything down at that point, and because I had a nasty/nauseating headache, wasn’t in any mood to set it all up again.
I’ve had another headache this weekend, but thankfully it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t try to get some better pictures.

Anyway, backgrounds for photos have been on the List-of-Things-to-Make for uh, many years now. There’s a part of me that wants to start photo showing, (maybe in ten more years I’ll actually make that happen) and my plain white backdrop won’t really work for that.
For an indoor arena, I wanted to go with something simple. Basically, the background is a piece of white foam core, which I sliced down the side and reattached with packing tape, to extend the length:


It’s not perfect, but hey, it works.

The texture was made by printing up an edited image of corrugated metal siding… I printed up several sheets of this, trimmed off the white edges and glued everything in place.


The wooden beams are just wood pieces I’ve had for ages… they came in a pack together and were all the same size. Hooray for not having to saw them down!


Here was a quick test shot – I wanted to make sure it was large enough for my longer horses, and tall enough for both a horse and rider. The black is a piece of black foam core and was just a placeholder. 🙂


The arena wall was made from three wood rectangles I picked up at a craft store. They are held together with scraps of more wood pieces from old projects. (I knew saving those would come in handy, ha!)


For the footing, I went with Kinetic sand. Half of this I picked up nearly a year ago, but found that 2 pounds of it wasn’t enough, and had to pick up some more. I think I’ve got 3 1/2 lbs of it now, and am thinking of picking up another box.


Here’s how it looks all set up:


And up close, with a horse:


It fits my big guy too:


All in all the background was kind of a half-assed project BUT since it’s just a background and is likely to be blurred out anyway, I’m not too bothered with it. I’m pleased with how my photos are looking so far. Today, I made the time to get some fun pictures. You’ll have to pardon my mistakes the rider dolls… they’re not the greatest riders ever and are all in need of surgery and makeovers. 😛


Don’t mind me… just loping around the arena on the wrong lead… *facepalm*



Mini cones are from


Mounting blocks come in handy sometimes. Also, these junior riders mount from the right side of the horse because they do what they want. *second facepalm*



Success! Sort of!


Time to switch riders.


No mounting block needed for this girl…



And that’s why you always check your girth before you get on.


Hope you all have had a good weekend. 🙂

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