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Barcoo Bridle

Dundee’s inspired me to try making some Australian tack. I’m not brave enough to make a saddle (yet) but a Barcoo bridle seemed much more manageable.

The cheek pieces on this bridle are made from one piece, looping through the bit and the ring at the top. I couldn’t get away with my cheater (non-moving) keepers here. XD And there’s a backwards one underneath the buckle on both sides, to help hold everything together.

Here’s how it looks on the horse:

I’ve been trying to pay close attention to how my recent bridles fit. (this post on the Braymere blog is incredibly helpful) I think this one could be better adjusted, but maybe I’m being too picky.

Another thing I have been struggling with are leather reins. I have the worst time getting them to drape nicely and don’t understand how other hobbyists can deal with them at all.
For this set I chose to just skive and sand the leather, and not treat it with gum tragacanth or leather conditioner or anything, and that seemed to help. (but the fuzzies BUG me, even after trimming them away) If anyone has any advice on leather reins I’d love to hear it!!

It feels really good to be working on tack again though. I haven’t done much leather work since… April? I think.

Also, today is my birthday. :3 I’m 29, but I don’t feel or (I guess) look like it. I still get asked what year I am in high school lol.


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A couple weeks ago I finished up a set of reflective boots:

These have been sitting on my desk for months.

It’s been a long time since I finished a set of boots like these. The design has been giving me trouble but I think I’ve solved the issue… hopefully!

I’m glad to have them done, but they’re kind of sloppy and I think I can do better. The reflective strips work, but I’ve learned that if a speck of glue gets on it it’s there for good, argh! 😦

I did feel inspired to make a reflective quarter sheet to go with it. It’s been on my do-to list for months anyway, so why not!

Here was one of the references I used:

Amigo Reflective Competition Sheet

At first I thought I would make it like I did the fly sheet, with a single layer and faux painted binding.

But I felt that it was too transparent that way, so I picked it apart and added a second layer from white fabric. It looked a lot better, but I couldn’t cheat with the binding anymore.

In the end it took just as long to make as a regular blanket, but I think adding the extra details was worth it.

I’m not sure how I feel about the piece around the neck though. It limits the horses it can fit, so I might have to try making another without it.

The reflective pieces are from an iron on high visibility tape I picked up at Joann’s. It worked out SO much better than the thin tape I used on the boots, as that had to be glued in place.

The human couldn’t be left out, so I put together a basic vest.

It’s a little big for the Yvonne doll, but I wanted it to be able to fit the Breyer and Mego dolls as well.

I’m happy I finally got around to making these pieces though! Now they can go out for a late ride… if she can ever get him tacked up…

“Human wat r u doin”



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More Fly Masks

I have been in a really bad creative slump. I haven’t finished a piece for my horses since the end of May… and here we are at the end of July. 😦

When this happens I do one of two things: ignore it and push through with small fun projects, or back off completely until I’m feeling better. I hate doing that, so I figured I would try making something fun and easy.

It’s been years since I made fly masks for my models, and I’ve wanted to make updated ones, so I thought that would be a nice project to work on.


The first one was inspired by Kensington’s fly masks for real horses. I think it turned out ok, but I really dislike the seam going down the sides.

For some reason I had my mind set on adding ears to a fly mask, and that turned out to be a lot more difficult that I thought it would be. Pattern making is HARD.

And sewing the stupid ears in was HARD too. I didn’t match the size of the ears to the size of the holes they’re sewn in to properly. To correct it I had to take the mask in more in the back, which caused it to fit strangely. (it fits the smaller headed horses now, so I guess that’s a plus)

The pattern got tweaked again (and again) until I was happier with the ears. On this mask, they’re still not fitting the holes perfectly BUT it’s a lot better.

I had to add another dart at the top for a better fit:

This one got a nose cover too. I mean WHY NOT MIGHT AS WELL.

It definitely wasn’t the “easy” project I was hoping for, but hey I finished three things! Silly looking things but still!

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