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It’s been another saddle pad and halter sort of week.

The herd has also grown… uh, a bit, (some were tag-alongs) and several of them needed special saddle pads, because I guess that’s a thing now in addition to halters and blankets.

First, this navy swallowtail styled one.

This is a mini version of full-sized ones sold through the Baroque Horse Store. Lately I’ve been really attracted to Baroque/Medieval-ish/Fantasy inspired tack, so I’m sure more inspired pieces will follow sometime down the road.

I remember reading somewhere that the swallowtail styled pads used to be really popular but went out of fashion in the real horse world?

By the way, the saddle stand was made (and gifted to me <3) by Bobbie of Horse Tender Studio. These stands are super nice and of great quality – check them out!

Next, this colorful English one:

Bobbie also gifted me this fabric, and I couldn’t wait to put it to use. I decided to quilt it with metallic gold thread, which was a huge headache but I like the end result.

And lastly, a western pad was made from a fabric sample I’ve had in a box forever. It was just big enough! The fringe on the bottom was an experiment that seemed to turn out ok.

It’s kind of strange not making a contoured pad though, haha.

Until next time…


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Once upon a time I started a western show halter…

… then completely forgot about it. I found this buried in the chaos of my tack supplies. When did I start working on this?? Why did I abandon it?

Well, after sitting forgotten for who knows how many years, it’s finished now.

Now it can live happily ever after with Zippo. 😛

For fun, I thought I would dig out my first attempt at a western show halter (made in 2009) and compare it to this one.

Two things I remember struggling with were tongue buckles and skiving lace. Both have gotten a lot easier to do over the years, and that’s encouraging!

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Show Saddle… Part 2-ish

I’ve discovered that tooling leather is extremely painful. Like, skiving painful if I’m not careful.

I’ve been sore all week so deciding to try tooling the leather for my saddle probably wasn’t the greatest idea.  I can’t say I’ve made a lot of progress, which really isn’t that big of a deal. But I like making lots of progress and having to stop myself because of this blasted pain is beyond frustrating.

Frustrations aside, I am pleased with how it’s coming along though. I ended up taking my tooling design back into the computer, where I digitally traced over it to simplify the design. (and mirrored some parts… is that cheating? I think that’s cheating. But hey, if you have the tools, why not use them!)


I’ve printed that up and am tracing the design onto the leather. It shows up well enough to go over with my exacto blade and embossing/dotting tool, which I’m using to bring out the design:


I still don’t really know what I’m doing though.


Unfortunately the only pieces I’ve gotten done are the upper skirt and one fender. Argh! Maybe next week I’ll have more progress made?

Till then, it’s back to work on these, if I can:


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