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Over the years I’ve managed to collect quite a few Breyer blankets:

I’ve modified many of them, mostly by taking off tags and removing velcro closures so I can replace them with ribbon straps. I feel kind of guilty doing that… but anyway.

My favorites are the Rambo and Weatherbeeta blankets.

When I learned about the existence of a green Weatherbeeta I knew I had to track it down. It’s been, um, years since I decided that, and I was never ever in the right place at the right time. But last week was THE week! FINALLY.

It’s the Weatherbeeta! It’s green! It… has a lot of problems!

But I got it for 4 bucks, and I knew I could fix it so yay. ^_^

Whoever previously owned it chopped off the belly and tail straps, my guess would be for the hardware. It was also missing it’s logo and it’s satin-ish lining is snagged in a few places.

I like fixing things (I do it for a living, haha) so I’ve had fun with it this week. The first thing to go was the leftover straps. Luckily they were sewn through both layers of material, so I could easily take out the stitches with a seam ripper.

I don’t have any spare hardware from another Breyer blanket, so I used etched hardware instead. Rio Rondo (on the right) was a closer match than the hardware from Solstice Sky Studio, but it is a bit smaller.

I also noticed that there are lines drawn on the blanket, I’m assuming to help with assembly at the factory. It made positioning the new straps a lot easier anyway!

Shiny new straps sewn in place:

The last step was to make a copy of the logo and print it out in the right size. I covered it with a piece of packing tape to give it a glossy look. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.


I am so happy. I suppose it’s silly to get so giddy over a blanket, but I’m glad to have it anyway. 🙂

Supposedly there is a third variation (blue and grey?) out there somewhere, but I’m happy with these two for now.

Also, Breyer, if you’re listening, this blanket would look great in purple or red! 😉

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New year, new blankets

I hope 2017 is off to a good start for everyone. I’ve challenged myself to participate in the 365 Project this year, so I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, which is never a bad thing!

I’ve also completed two new horse blankets. First was one for the giveaway prize – the winner loved the blue/green combination and wanted it to fit the Stone Arabian.

I never realized just how flat his back was until trying to fit a blanket to him, haha! But I think it came out fitting well.


The second is yet another quilted blanket, in bright blue and red.


This one will be available as a sales piece sometime in the future. I have a black/hot pink one in the works and really want to use some plaids I have on hand… so there will be others, hopefully, as well!

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Crystal and Crispin

For the past few years now, Breyer has released a web-exclusive mare and foal set for the holidays. Previous years included the TB mare and nursing foal as well as the running mare and foal, which makes me curious if we will see other sets in the future.

This year’s set is on the grazing mare and foal, both of which I have been waiting to see released in new colors.


This was uh, a part retail therapy buy, (did I mention November’s been a bad month??) BUT, I am happy with them and have a feeling they’ll be showing up in lots of pictures later on.


The blankets they came with are cute too, with a single strap and a snowflake printed pattern.


The snowflakes have tiny horse heads inside them ^_^

The snowflakes have tiny horse heads inside them ^_^

The mare’s is cut very deeply to fit around her chest, so it doesn’t fit other models quite as well. Both blankets are sewn together in the front, but I might take those stitches out and add another strap. I haven’t decided yet. I’ve already taken the Breyer tag off like I’ve done with all my Breyer blankets… I kind of wish they would stick that on the inside but oh well! 🙂


Here’s the mare without her blanket:




And the foal:




I really love mare and foal sets so they’re a welcome addition to the herd. ❤


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