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Lately I’ve been on this weird Breyer-Buying kick, which is both fun (because new ponies!!) and bad, because space. Last year one of my resolutions was to limit the amount of horses that come in. Now I’m just laughing at myself.
Maybe this coming January I’ll make a resolution to BUY ALL THE PONEHS instead.

One newbie that I am really excited about is Black Beauty on the Silver mold.

Black Beauty was one of my favorite horse stories when I was younger. I had a simplified illustrated edition that came with a gold horse necklace. I have kept both of them over the years.

I wore the necklace ALL the time. The horse charm got so worn down that it broke and disappeared while on a family trip. Luckily I found it lying in a parking lot, after I figured that it was gone forever. I later fixed the charm’s loop, but I haven’t worn it since because I don’t want to lose it again. 😛

Over the years Breyer has produced several Black Beauty models. (here’s a nice overview of many of them) This particular one was a QVC special run, and included a copy of the movie on VHS.

After all these years I’ve yet to see the movie, but I want to even though it will probably make me cry.

This was one of those horses I figured I would never own, so I’m really happy to have him join the herd.


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*Printables are available for personal, non-commercial use only please! They are for fun – I do not make any money from these and will remove them if necessary or requested.*


After making the yellow Breyer boxes in miniature, I knew I wanted to make a second set using images from the vintage picture boxes. I’m not a vintage collector and don’t know much about these at all, but as a miniature-addict of sorts I wanted to include them in my expanding mini-Breyer collection.

I have none of these boxes in my collection so photos were generously shared with me by Faracat and aneedforfun over on Blab – thanks again for your pictures!!

Like the yellow boxes these come in two sizes – micro/mini whinny and H0/1:87 scale. The micro ones were made with mini whinnies in mind, so they’re quite large in 1:9 scale. Personally I think they would be fun to store small tack and props in… or maybe something else, I’m sure you guys could come up with something more creative. ^_^

The H0 ones are significantly smaller…

… but they fit in a 1:9 scale world much better. 🙂

Assembly is a lot easier than the yellow boxes, as these are literally plain box tops & bottoms with no pesky windows to cut out. I put mine together with a glue stick and (as always) scored them before folding to get a nice shape.

I didn’t make every single box I had a photo of – experience has taught me that while it’s fun to have lots and lots of variety, putting together dozens of printable minis is a lot more work than you would think. (or maybe that’s just me… I have had so little energy lately, sorry) Anyway, I chose six favorites that were the most editable and this was the end result.

My favorites have to be the white boxes. (but I have such a soft spot for the FAS too!)

PDF Downloads

Micro/Mini Whinny Boxes
HO/1:87 Boxes

Print on cardstock for best results. Have fun!!

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Happy 4th of July!

Wishing my fellow Americans a safe and happy 4th of July!

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