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Soo… this week has been rough. :/ But I’ve been making more halters every day after work, since I’m apparently in one of my halter-making-moods. (they’re easy and fun to make, what can I say?)

There are more reflective halters:

Break-away halters:

A padded halter and a couple striped ones too:

The blue striped one is the one that started all this. I got distracted looking up tack ideas for my new Andalusian mare and stumbled across a photo of one in a pretty, blue-striped halter.

I couldn’t re-create it exactly, but this is still pretty close.

The padded halter looks ok on the horse…

But I think I need to re-work some things on it still.

In addition to all the halters, samples of my new fabric patterns arrived in the mail. I wasted no time in turning them into saddle pads.

They’re so TACKY, hahaha! 😀

My Etsy shop will be stocked with most (not all) of these items soon, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. 🙂

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One of the best things about NMTM is that it left me feeling motivated to make more tack, whether that’s stuff I’ve got in the works or projects I’ve been thinking about, but never made the time for. I haven’t made a ton of progress, but I did sit down last weekend and put together some reflective/high visibility tack pieces. I’ve had this stuff stashed away for ages and have been eager to put it to some use!

I realllly appreciate people who wear reflective clothing during low-light hours. I drive to work before dawn every day and come across a lot of early-morning joggers. While they’re not likely to dash out in front of me just knowing where they are is helpful.
Reflective gear on horses seems to be more common in Europe than the US, but I wanted to try making some in miniature anyway.

The halters were made with a couple of new techniques.

I’m especially pleased with the tiny “grommets” on the crown piece:

The breastcollars were an experiment which, unfortunately, look better off the horses than on them.

This is mostly because I over-estimated strap lengths and had a heck of a time adjusting them to my saddles and horses. (my saddles make me crazy – I’m so tempted to tear them apart and re-do some pieces!)

What I need to fix was easier to see once it was on the horse, which is good! Little things to keep in mind in case I decide to make some more.

Here’s an English style breastcollar:

Also, I can’t stand this leather lace! But test pieces use the not-so-good materials first, so…

And the western one:

The reflective strips are real, just a pain to photograph! I did manage to get a couple “glowy” ones though.

Silly in a way, but fun. 😛 I want to try making boots and quarter sheets someday soon, because why not??

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Sorry for the lack of posts here… I’m stuck in the middle of this weird hobby burnout. In January, I feel like I started full speed ahead, then immediately hit a wall. I’ve been working on a lot of Etsy orders but aside from that, haven’t felt motivated or inspired to get anything else done… which is frustrating because there are things I’d really like to get done.

I want to get back into blogging but it’s been tough to get into that again too. Recently Copperfox posted a 10 Day Challenge on their blog, and in an attempt to get back into the swing of things, I’m going to give it a go. (scattered over the next few weeks/months or so? Cause ten days in a row is too much for me right now)

So, Day 1: Inspiration Day.

“An easy start to our challenge! Find something that inspires you. It could be a picture of an unusual colour of horse that you would like to turn into a model, a how-to tutorial video or a piece in your favourite magazine about collecting things that you love. Or it could be a song, film, piece of poetry- whatever it is, find something that gets your creativity going!”

My inspiration comes from a mix of things. Real horses, obviously, a life-long fascination/love for miniatures, and my younger self’s desire to own a horse of my own.

I’ve always liked horses, but the “horse crazy” didn’t quite hit until I was in my early teens and taking weekly riding lessons. It was all very basic, casual and laid back, but I loved it. I was obsessed with anything horse related, whether it was books, movies, music, and eventually Breyers.

I *think* this was one of the last rides before moving to MT

I *think* this was one of the last rides before moving to MT

Owning a real horse wasn’t possible so the models became the next best thing. I had been making miniatures of sorts for years, so I was really drawn to making horse-related miniatures, whether that was tack, props or buildings. I think I still have the plans for a huge stablemate-sized ranch, loosely based off of the one I rode at. It had stalls, pastures, a tack room, arenas, wash racks… the works.

Start of the madness collection:

First halter and “arab” halter:


First western saddle… heyyy there’s the tack trunk in the back!


It’s been at least 13 years but the “horse crazy” phase is still going strong… maybe not quite as strong as it was at one point, but strong enough. I am still unable to keep a real horse, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I guess, in a way, models are still the next best thing.

My account on Pinterest is stuffed full of things that inspire me… real horses, tack, minis, etc.

Aside from that, I get a lot of inspiration from the people in this hobby. I have since I discovered it and will continue to do so as long as I’m involved with it. The level of talent and creativity in the hobby is awesome, and it’s always encouraging to know that there are people like me out there… who get excited over tiny stuff and new colors on plastic model horses. 😄

There are too many individuals for me to list as inspiration here, so here are the first few who come to mind.

Juliane Gartska of Luckenbach Ranch – her photos have fooled me multiple times, as many of them look like full sized horses instead of models.

European hobbyists in general… some of the photos of models and miniature scenes I’ve seen are incredible and extremely realistic. It’s a side of the hobby that I rarely see among hobbyists in the USA, but I LOVE it. I have a love of haired models as well and am sad that it’s not very popular nowadays. If I ever get into customizing I think all my horses will be haired… 😛

CharArt – Char’s work is amazing. Whenever she updates with new tack photos I feel inspired to start working on my own pieces again.

Liz Shaw of Arabian Acres (now Tick-Tock Studio) was a HUGE inspiration for me and my interest in Arabian tack. I’m not sure what she’s up to nowadays, but I remember spending so much time on her old website, admiring her beautiful horses and Arabian costumes.

Last Alliance Studios – one of my very favorite hobby blogs, and always a huge inspiration! I love the amount of detail in all of her miniatures and dioramas. Plus, Julips are fantastic. 😀

Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Custom Saddlery – Jennifer’s work and blog have been a source of inspiration for several years now. Her tack tips and tutorials are a huge help and her photography is always a treat.

Outside of the hobby, there are several miniature artists that I take inspiration from as well. Here are a few of them:

Sugar Charm Shop – she makes 1/12 scale food, miniatures, animals and dolls. (and makes it look super easy!)

Mimine Mini – her miniatures are incredibly detailed and often work exactly like the real thing. She’s from Korea, so even though I don’t understand what’s being said in her videos, they’re still easy enough to follow along.

1 inch Minis – While I haven’t been following her for very long, I do admire the way she shares step-by-step photos of the creation of her miniatures.

Writing all this out has helped somewhat, so I’m off to finish some bell boot orders and hopefully get some miniature Breyer boxes completed as well… the digital files are so close to being done!


Until then…

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