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Fantasia Del C and Gozosa were added to the herd a few months ago… they were my favorites of the 2017 releases (RR horses, anyway…) so I’m glad I got to add them to my overcrowded bookshelf.

In hindsight, I probably should have photographed Fantasia on a black background.

She is a bright white in person – here she is compared to Susecion:

Yay! A lot of collectors were worried she would be shaded bare plastic like some previous releases, so I’m happy to see that this isn’t the case.

One thing that does disappoint me is her forelock:

Ugh! I was so hoping that she would be tack friendly but that extra bit of sculpted hair is going to be a huge pain to work around. :/ It’s still a nice mold though… and I still love the fact that I can own plastic Eberl horses. 😀

The foal is my favorite of the two I think…

His eyes are painted a bit better than the mare’s so I’m thinking I might touch her’s up some.

Overall they’re a nice pair, and I really do love mare & foal sets. ❤

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Copperfox Model Horses

Last month Utterly Horses revealed Copperfox Model Horses, a brand new line of Traditional sized models focused on British breeds.

The first three models include a Welsh Cob:


A Connemara pony:


And an Exmoor pony:


My favorite is the Welsh Cob but honestly, I love them all. 🙂

The project is being hosted on Kickstarter and requires our support to get going. As of today, they’ve reached £15,386 out of £25,000, which is great! But there are less than 30 days to go and a lot of money left to raise.

Please consider pledging if you haven’t already. Any amount pledged, whether it’s £1 or £100 or more, helps!

*I am not affiliated with UH or Copperfox Model Horses… just spreading the word!

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A Pony for Christmas

I think I’ve mostly recovered from the black wednesday/thursday/friday/saturday sale at work. What an exhausting week..!

One bright spot in the week was the arrival of a Secret Santa package. There were all sorts of nice things inside, including a lovely etched Flash:



I don’t know about you, but to me, handmade gifts are so, so special.


The customs I have in my collection are some of my most treasured, too.

Flash01I feel so blessed. 🙂

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